How Ejaculation Influences Male Potency

How To Make More Sperm Come Out

The power and aesthetics of the human penis is a huge subject of fixation and discussion for as long as we are able to remember. Cultures and artisans around the globe have concentrated on the penis as an icon for success, domination, strength and masculinity. With all the obsession over the size of the penis and exactly how long it can remain erect, there is a surprising lack of conversation about the most significant aspect : orgasm. Ultimately, all of this penis talk comes down to one thing – the capability to attain bigger and much better orgasms.

As a result, ejaculation has turned to the forefront as a primary concern among many a man. There is increasingly more thought given to the orgasm – its power and volume – and the ways in which a sex life can be determined by this.

Let’s take a look at the mechanics of ejaculation

If you want to really know how male pleasure is helped along by the orgasm, we have to learn more about how an orgasm works in general.

When the penis is being stimulated during sexual intercourse, semen starts to flow into the ejaculatory ducts. A variety of muscles and structures begin to contract as the man reaches his peak of pleasure, and this contraction is the signal that the orgasm has started. The pubococcygeus or PC muscle, the penis muscles, and the anus, rectum, ejaculatory ducts, and perineum all contract as a man begins to orgasm. Semen is propelled from the penis as a result of these contracting muscles. Contractions are extremely intense in the beginning, following one another in rapid succession less than one second apart. They start to slow down and occur at longer intervals as the orgasm runs its course.

How To Make More Sperm Come Out

The volume associated with an individual’s ejaculate has many factors including age, heredity, diet, general health, and how often they have sex. One thing that remains the same regardless of the individual is the elements of ejaculate, besides sperm there many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and B12, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, cholesterol, fructose, citric acid, fructose, creatine, purine, pyrimidine, pyruvic acid, sorbitol, choline, lactic acid, hyaluronidase and glutathione. Although it is a long list of elements, it usually makes up only 1.5 to 5 milliliters of the total volume of ejaculate. The seminal vesicles and prostate provide the majority of the elements of the fluid.

Depending on general health and diet, the flavor of one’s semen varies from person to person. This can be sweet or salty, bitter or almost flavorless. It is also known to create a numbing sensation on the tongue or lips. This flavor can be altered by the ejaculator, based on information from various doctors and internet sources.

How To Make More Sperm Come Out

The appearance of your ejaculate should be between a thick white, grey, or translucent white. A vasectomy will cause one’s semen to appear lighter and more clear, as the substance does not have any sperm in it. While there is no perfect consistency or appearance of semen as it varies so widely, thick, white semen is usually associated with more virile, potent men.

What determines ejaculate volume?

Some men become concerned at their volume of ejaculate and their sexual potency as a result of this concern. Sometimes there is a medical reason for a decrease in ejaculate. It could be due to a blockage of the ejaculatory ducts. An obstruction in the ducts can be diagnosed through an ultrasound examination of the pelvis. Other reasons for decrease ejaculatory volume can include a long term infection of the prostate, such as chronic prostatitis, or retrograde ejaculation, in which the muscle contractions send the sperm inside the body, into the bladder, rather than outside of it. A decrease in semen may be a part of the normal aging process and does not signal an overall decrease in fertility.

Check with your doctor and test your ejaculate, in the event that you aren’t getting the volume or look of semen you want. When semen is tested, your acidity and volume will be tested, and they will look for unwanted particles, odd morphology of sperm, and leukocytes and the like. You have to remain abstinent for a few days, after which you give the doctor a sperm sample which they collect. There are additional tests that are done to check for gonorrhea, chlamydia, or other STDs, as well as urinary tract infections, that the doctor can do.

How To Make More Sperm Come Out

For the most part, many men are going to have perfectly fine test results, but even if that is you, you might still want to have a more powerful orgasm as well as stronger, healthier ejaculate, which comes out at a higher frequency. Men like this can really benefit from natural supplements such as Semenax, which will help them feel more confident and have greater orgasms, coupled with more ejaculate and better potency and fertility.

You can expect to increase the volume of your ejaculate by 500% with the use of Semenax. You will also improve the quality of your sperm, increase its mobility, and heighten production of sperm. All of this will result in a more powerful orgasm.

The benefits of an increased volume of sperm

There are many benefits that are derived from stronger and more voluminous orgasms. The ejaculate load will not only be larger and healthier, but it will also present immensely improved pleasure, potency and strength.

Your body will be required to generate additional contractions in order to evacuate all of the increased semen, improving the pleasurable sensations of the orgasm with each newly added contraction. You will even be able to increase the duration and effects of your orgasm, improving on what is usually a very quick moment of pleasure for most men.

How To Make More Sperm Come Out

Men who are thinking of starting a family are especially concerned about their own potency and their level of fertility. Semenax can really help to address this problem if you have concerns about your own fertility.

You can also experience secondary benefits, such as a large boost of confidence that comes from having more powerful orgasms. When you are more and more sexually confident, you will start to feel more confident in other places in your life, even apart from the bedroom, such as your work life and your social life.

Exactly how do volume-boosting products cause a rise in the amount of semen the body produces?

The ways in which products designed to increase ejaculate volume are formulated, priced, and manufactured vary from product to product. To get a better understanding of how these products work, let’s take a look at Semanax(TM), a leader in volume-increasing products.

Experienced and knowledgeable professionals within the medical industry worked to create Semenax™, a product that has been designed specifically to increase your sexual function and pleasure. The major focus of this particular product is to increase the volume of your semen, giving you multiple benefits to using it. 100% all-natural, organic components have been used to create Semenax™, which all have been proven to be effective in various worldwide cultures. Botanical and other natural ingredients are included in this product, all of which work to support and tone your reproductive system, clearing the ejaculatory ducts, seminal vesicles, testes, spididymis, vas deferens and the prostate.

How To Make More Sperm Come Out

Semenax is made in a cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical facility, which permits you to feel secure in buying it, as you know that it is researched and tested thoroughly. This product has L-arginine, L-lysine, L-carnitine, and other such amino acids with work to increase your testosterone levels and therefore create better sperm. Catuaba bark, epimedium sagitattum, maca, and other organic components also help you to increase your overall health and become more well-nourished, which also helps your potency and sex drive.

Semenax™ is a top volume-enhancing product for a reason. Don’t accept any substitutes. Make sure that any product you buy is produced at a cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical facility and is backed up with thorough testing and research.

How To Make More Sperm Come Out